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“Τα δε πάντα οιακίζει Κεραυνός.” 

– Ηράκλειτος, 544-484 π.Χ. –

“All beings are governent by Lightning.” 

– Heraclitus, 544-484 bC –

Leading technologies


New turbine technologies lead the way to future airplane engines . Compact and yet powerfull tuned to maximize efficiency and performance while keeping fuel consumption at the lowest ever archieved.

Wankel single prop helicopter engines

Implementing Wankel technology to assist the flying eagles of the future. Superb performance, low consumption, less noise generating helicopter engines are now available.

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Innovation through technology lets people explore new borders

Upcoming Projekts & Designs

Our latest projekts are in testing state. Innovation and breaking technologies are now available at a pre-ample state to access and field test. News available only online !